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Get To Know Us!


We are Meghan and Amanda, the sister duo behind Haven + ohlee.

Haven + ohlee. was inspired by our daughters. Amanda has one daughter, Haven. Meghan has two beautiful daughters, Cara-Lee & Olivia - Mush that all together and you get where our name came from! We were born and raised in the Fraser Valley - which will always have our hearts. Our husbands decided to pursue their dream careers (they are both in the same field) but with that we were separated to different provinces. Which better way to stay connected than to run a business together! We are both very fortunate to be stay at home mamas, Meghan in Tumbler Ridge, BC & Amanda in Leduc, AB.  We come from a family where running your own business is in our blood, so this just made sense!


We opened Oct 2017 focusing on accessories for babes, but quickly decided ALL women deserve something special. If you have sent us some love on Instagram / Facebook your most likely talking to one or the other & if your super lucky you may have got a double reply from both of us (oppps!) 


One question we get ALL the time is why scrunchies?! Are scrunchies actually back in style?-  Ummm have you worn a haven + ohlee. scrunchie?! Did they even go out of style?! If you could wear something that is gentle on your hair, helps prevent breakage AND is made from luxury fabric -WHY NOT?

Something that is extremely important to us is that we give you a product with the highest quality organic fabric, ethically made, and that we can also support local Canadian businesses. All our scrunchies are made in Vancouver, BC!


Head over to our instagram page @shophavenohlee and say HI!, we’d love to hear from you!


Click here some FUN FACTS about Meghan + Amanda!

We love to have fun over here!

And since starting in 2017 we have been able to expand and bring on some amazing boss babes to our team!

Vanessa is a HUGE help to our business and a personal BFF. She is our right-hand lady during pre-launch planning and you will often see her at markets. Vanessa has experience in running a small business (previously Little Bean Threads) and now focuses more on Lifestyle. Fashion + Raw Motherhood. To follow her directly, check her out on Instagram (@abeautifulworld.xo)

Emma is our specialist when it comes to all things social media (not necessarily our forte), so we leave that to the best! Emma does a lot of our day-to-day social media posting and a lot of the behind the scene goodies. Emma has a ton of experience with the social media platform on her own personal page as well as YouTube channel. To follow her directly, check her out on Instagram (@emkooyman)