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The End of a Chapter.

For the past 7 years, we have grown and thrived in the life of Haven+Ohlee. We started this business making headbands for our little girls not realizing what this quickly turned into. Over the last 7 years, we have build relationships, laughed, cried, stayed up late nights sewing and fulfilling orders. The past 7 years have been filled with great memories.

Where there is a start, comes an end or as we are calling it....a new chapter. Over the past 2 years, we have found that our passion is no longer with Haven+Ohlee. and with the vulnerability of the economy, it is just not sustainable to remain open. We want to thank our loyal scrunchie lovers for their continued support over the last 7 years. We have loved hearing how much you love our scrunchies, seeing our scrunchies in airports across the World and randomly at the gym or mall. It has brought us so much joy knowing how much you love them.

We will be selling off our remaining stock below cost so we thank you for your support and hope you enjoy the last bit of Haven+Ohlee.

With love, Meghan + Amanda



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What you're saying about our scrunchies!

THE BEST SCRUNCHIES EVER. I will never use any other brand after finding H&O ❤

Katelyn - Chilliwack, BC

You will never go back to anything else after owning a Haven + Ohlee scrunchie. After I bought my first scrunchie, I got rid of all my old ones. And now I own at least 10, I've lost count! They are high quality, trendy, and the customer service is amazing! You won't regret shopping with Haven + Ohlee!

Hailey - Langley, BC

These scrunchies are incredible 🙌 Only scrunchies that will hold my hair in a bun all day!

Esther - Aldergrove, BC