4 Ways to Style Scrunchies - Petite Edition

We are BEYOND excited to share with you this two-part series on How to Style your Scrunchie. This series - the petite edition. It’s super easy to match your littles but in case you want to up the cuteness, here’s some adorable ways to style your little girl’s hair!
Our petite scrunchies work wonders for ladies with thin, shorter hair but look even cuter in your mini-me’s hair! Plus they are locally made from ethical organic fabrics making them soft as ever for your little ones!
Twisted Pony Tail
Here’s an easy way to style! Simply pull two side strands of your little’s hair, twist a few times and pony! It’s that simple! To make sure it stays tight in place you can even use an elastic under the scrunchie but try not to use elastics all the time, they damage and break hair and we don’t want that! Just another reason why scrunchies are amazing!
Curl the ends for a classic finish.
Low Fish Tail Braid
The modernized braid with added scrunch.... haha get it?!
Horrible..I know (*face palm*)
To create this adorable look simply separate the hair into two equal parts. Grab a smaller piece from the underside of the right section. Pull the smaller piece across the Center towards the middle. Connect the smaller piece to the left section and pull tight.  Switch to the left side and repeat the steps alternating each time.
Add your scrunchie to the end!
YouTube is a great place to start for visual tutorials on how to do a fishtail braid. 
Fish Tail 2.0
Very similar to the last braid, add a French braid to one side of your head. Once it reaches the middle bottom, switch to a fish tail braid using instructions from the last example.
Inside-Out French Braid with a Messy Bun
To master this style like Jo from first do a inside-out french braid along one side of your hair. Gently Pull on the strands as much as you can to make it look nice and thick. Complete the look with a side bun at the bottom. Voila...You’re done!
Be sure to follow Jo on Instagram for a more detailed tutorial.
We hope these helped to spruce up some cute looks for your little ones!
All scrunchies used in these examples were petite size in Fawn, and Wild Mauve and are all available on our site.
Our Mom+Me sets are PERFECT for matching your little ones.
Special thanks to Sarah from and Jo from Healthy.Joyful.Life for their help and contribution towards this blog post.
For 4 Ways to Style Scrunchie - Woman Edition. head on over to Healthy.Joyful.Life 
We hope you enjoyed this tutorial.
Please post any comments/thoughts in the comments!
Xo. Meghan + Amanda

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