Time to Give Back

Why is it so important for us to support local and give back? Where do we start?  When we  created this little business of ours, there were a couple of key words that came to mind that we wanted to base our business around || local.organic.ethical.GIVING. 

We focus on women of all ages because they deserve to feel special, treated with respect, supported and beautiful. 

Each month it is our DESIRE to support local charities focusing on issues regarding the treatment of women of all ages.

June || end human trafficking

Partial proceeds for June sales will go to the Joy Smith Foundation where they are doing extraordinary work in the fight to end human trafficking

May || Pregnancy/Infant Loss

Although May is an exciting month for mothers (Mother's Day!), we understand that it can be a devastating reminder to some women who have experienced a miscarriage or lost a child. We cannot begin to understand the process a mother goes through when she looses an unborn/born child and mother's are becoming more open to sharing their experiences in hopes of shedding light on an experience that a lot of women experience and bring hope to a devastating time. We want to provide support to mother's that are experiencing this by donating to a local community support program that specializes in pregnancy/infant loss. 

April || Women fleeing abuse

 All proceeds for the month of April go local Transition Houses that support women fleeing from abusive situations through counselling, housing and support. 

March || Ronald McDonald House BC 

This charity is so close to my (Meghan) heart because I spent 3 weeks in Ronald McDonald House -Surrey with Cara-Lee while she was in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). She was born 6 weeks early and the staff there were wonderful in supporting me through one of the most stressful and difficult parts of our life. They allowed me to be by my baby's side 24/7 and for that I am eternally grateful. Partial proceeds of every March order will go towards supporting mommas to stay with their sick babies 24/7.