Supporting Local.

What makes haven + ohlee. Scrunchies so special? Well, to start..
Supporting Local is something we are extremely passionate about! The love from our local community is our driving force! From sourcing all of our fabrics from local suppliers, working with local seamstresses within Vancouver, BC to create ethically-made, quality products are essential to us in being able to support our local economy. Our products are made locally to ensure quality control at every step of the way ensuring that you get the best, because BABE, YOU DESERVE IT!
Further to that, we are passionate at giving back to the communities that support us!
A portion of EVERY sale goes to support Mamas for Mamas.

Mamas for Mamas is a Canadian national charitable organization that is committed to giving a hand, not just a handout for those struggling. They help support the essential needs of mothers and caregivers in crisis. Providing a store for those to shop at with no charge, free support programs such as Dental Program, Whole Mama Program, Young Mother/Teens at Risk Programs, Mamas at Risk Support Program, Mental Health + Wellness Program, Pregnancy & Infant Loss Program, and Sustainable Nourishment Program.

Want to know how else you can help?