What Size is Right for Me?


At haven + ohlee. we want to ensure EVERY women has something to make them feel beautiful so we created three unique sizes to fit every hairstyle!

Which size would fit you? We're glad you asked!

Our most popular size! Our standard size is that oversized top bun, instantly-cute hairstyle kinda deal. It's perfect for medium to long hair, normal to thick hair, and perfect for that quick throw your hair up, top buns! It has more stretch and fabric than our other sizes. 
Many think that are petite size is made for your littles. But that's the complete opposite. Made for you in mind, our petite size is perfect for short to medium, and fine to normal thickness hair. Petite works perfectly in low buns and has the perfect "scrunch" for any cute ponytail. Although this size is designed for women, if your little has hair, this size works perfect for them too! Best of both worlds! Many of our loyal customers find that both the Standard + Petite sizes work for their hair depending on how they are styling it that day!
Our NEWEST size and honestly by the looks of it you guys are LOVING this size!
Our Skinny Sets are the perfect replacement to your regular hair elastics. Those elastics break your hair so get rid of them and replace with something cuter that are made to protect + strengthen your hair! Our skinny scrunchies are perfect for any hair length and thickness. They are cutest when used in a ponytail or at the end of a cute braid! Add a little colour to your hair with our skinny scrunchies!

Additional questions of which would be the best fit for you? Let us help!
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